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how did I end up here!

Twenty years on and my passion for photography still grows each day.  As an artist all my life photography became my passion,  I remember as a child in awe as I watched my Italian born Grandfather spend hours printing in the darkroom of his home and hand painting them with watercolour.

As I got older my art became more expressive and even a bit wacky at times!! I was always painting, drawing, sculpting or taking photos.  My work was very expressive and pushing boundaries and I began to conform to what I thought people expected when paying money for a photo, this never sat well with me but I tried to get on with it to make that dream of becoming a professional photographer reality.

Slowly I was suffocating and assumed that for my business to grow my photos had to become more stereotypical (a word I avoid)!!   I knew I would lose my love for photography if I had to put limits on my creativity to make a living out of my love.  Even the thought of charging money for my work I believed was a crime, art in my eyes was like love…money can’t buy it nor should you have to pay for it.  That was hard to get my head around and still is.

I always loved portrait photography but was never interested in school photography as my memories from a child and the stale stigma school photography held was not something I wanted my photography to represent.

Slowly doors opened that led me to preschool photography.  Years ago a preschool approached me to photograph their annual school photography, all I thought was this is the beginning of the end but I took the leap and I convinced myself that this would be ok to do and agreed to take on the job.

After the week of cute kids, liaising with teachers and parents I realised that my photography style was something that I could combine with preschool photography. I felt creativity to the photos is what the niche market was missing. Why did a child have to be sitting nice and tall, smiling and looking straight down the lens and looking perfectly clean, dressed to the nines, why did everything have to be so pre determined.

I was a little concerned that parents and the school would be disappointed when they saw my style and approach combined in their childs final product plus they were spending their hard earned money and trusting the way I visioned their child.

To my surprise the response was mind blowing! It was and gave me drive that you could not pay for to know my art was loved.

I believe I from that moment found my niche of the art I have been a passionate slave to all my life.





My approach to preschool photography is more casual and relaxed than what I remember as a child and not a memory of anxiety, tears and tantrums and my photo looking like every other student.

With my holistic approach children embrace their photography session with confidence as they get to control the situation which makes them at ease in front of the camera. Children are given one on one time so I can capture their true character. No crying, no sour faces in the final image.



I arrive at the school at an arranged time, usually around 9.30am. I start with the youngest children at the beginning of the day so no sleep times are disrupted; all siblings who attend the school together are also photographed. If parents have siblings who do not attend the school and wish siblings to have a photo together they are welcome to bring those children in. An earlier time ay be arranged so they can get to school on time if need be.

I aim to photograph each child on their first day of attendance unless other arrangements have been made for children to be photographed on another day of attendance. Usually I attend from Monday to Friday unless the days can be condensed to few only.

The week is stress free for teachers, as they do not need to organise the children, I do. I will ensure that each child has clean faces and neat hair.

It’s an easy morning of photography for everyone, no tears. Simply embracing the moment.

Children are given an opportunity to voice their thoughts of a portrait location; its funny when you see their brains ticking and their eyes racing for that perfect spot.

Group photos are offered as an entire group or a composite with each child.

The traditional group photo will be taken at a time chosen by the teacher that is convenient to the class at any time of the day which is suitable.

Complimentary staff, location and class photos are supplied to the school.  These are great to have on file to display in your school foyer, publish in newsletters and showcase on the school website.



All ordering is completed after the week and there is no obligation to purchase

No cash or order forms needed to be dealt with by the school; the only necessary paperwork is a home note to each parent with a unique code for their child.

2017 I introduced a state of the art ordering system designed in Europe, the system removes all the paperwork we all once had to deal with.

They simply register and once images are ready for ordering, usually within 7-10 days after the week.

Parents have two weeks to order to take advantage of free school delivery, after the cut off date order may still be taken but a small postage fee is charged.



Professional portrait photography can be very expensive for parents to purchase and this is the perfect opportunity where they can purchase professional portraits of their child for a percentage of the cost that a session would charge. The images produce are not the ‘typical’ school photo but a moment in the child’s life that parents are proud to display in their home.

I am very proud and humbled that my photography can be part of a child’s future memories as they flip through their family albums in years, even generations to come.

A variety of products and packages are available to cater for all budgets and requirements starting from $25

Parents have the opportunity to purchase further products such as key ring’s and puzzles, perfect for Christmas presents.



Feedback from Directors and Teachers

‘Without fuss or bother Molly captured the children, using the outdoor environment in a relaxed situation. Her interactions with the children allowed the sessions to be a very positive experience.’    

Maria Hogan, Gumnut Pre-kinder, Milton

‘We had Red Cherry Photography attend our 4 venues last year and have nothing but positive feedback from our parents. The parents loved the quality of the pictures and the reasonable pricing, the individual posing of each child was fabulous, no negative feedback. Staff especially noticed Molly’s handling of timid children; she managed this beautifully and took the time with each child. We are looking forward to this year’s preschool photos in term 4. Molly is very easy to work with and always accommodating, we highly recommend Red Cherry Photography, fantastic work Molly!  

Central Shoalhaven Mobile Preschool

Feedback from Parents

Hi, We just got back preschool photos from Gumnut in Milton. You photographed our son Toby and the photo is amazing. We never manage to capture that natural gorgeous smile but you got it! Thank you! The photo is lovely.

Kate and Simon




If you are a preschool interested in booking your school with Red Cherry, please contact me and I will deliver some beautiful products perfect for viewing the whole package I offer for preschool photography.