From the beginning

Studio 1 was based in Woollamia, what a huge project this was! The building ended up being sold and having to shut shop but learnt a lot in here!!

Soon as I laid eyes on this cute little space it had to be loved!! It has been a long time getting things to where I am happy with it and have realised sometimes you just need to stop! I look forward to seeing it grow and watching the suburb of Bomaderry grow as well, iit has stunned me at the popularity of the main street and all it does has to offer.

As the studio has progressed the blank walls were getting to me, although it ws nice and clean now it was time for a bit of WOWOWOWOW!!! Two awesome artists from Sydney (Shoalhaven bred) travelled up to do their thang, the works that were created are fantastic. Another wall was given to another local to have some fun on too.